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Bitcoin Cash Price Comparison: BCH bulls on the run, next target can be $321.

BCH started off on 20-July-19 on a very high note with prices touching the highest level of $339.51 at 18:00 UTC time. Post this date, the prices of the coin have continued to drop and had reached as low as $283.55 on 24-July-19. Since the past 2 days, the coin has managed to gain back its past efficiency and performance and is slowly beginning to rise upwards. We expect that the same trend will continue for BCH for tomorrow as well.

Let us look at how BCH has performed over the past 5 days:

Current Data of BCH:

  • BCH is ranked at number 5.

  • Market value of Bitcoin Cash was 5,678,190,378 at 07:24 UTC.

  • Price of BCH is $316.42 at 07:36 UTC time.

  • 24-hour volume figures are $1,548,760,402

  • 17,914,063 BCH coins are being traded.

  • ROI of BCH stands at -43.02%.

BCH Price Analysis and Future Prediction:

Comparing BCH price since lowest point of $283.55 which was on 24-July-19 at 01:30 UTC time and today, the coin is reflecting a bullish trend by 11%.

BCH will continue to rise upwards and may reach $321 by tomorrow. In maybe traded in the range of $323 and $326 in the coming 4/5 weeks to come. By the end of the year, BCH can reach as high as $391 with more than 23% growth.


As per the present trend, you may sell the BCH coins in hand. The MACD indicator reflects that the present trend of the coin is a bullish one. The BCH coins have been overbought several times in the past 7 days, now the coins being traded seem on the neutral side. You may also trade on short term basis on the coin, however in the long run it will yield better returns of more than 52% if you can retain the new purchased coins until the year 2020. If the coin continues with the same trend, the next major resistance level to watch out for will be seen at $393.76 and $447.59 respectively.

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