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Blockchainarmy’s Book on Blockchain Extends the Sale With 25000 Copies

The founders of blockchain consulting company BlockchainArmy, Erol User, and COO, Ali Sina, compose a fantastic book on “Blockchain: A New Model for Economy.” It is reported that there is a massive demand for this book, and 25,000 copies are sold.

Turkish Blockchain consulting firm, BlockchainArmy, provides its services in 20 countries. This company deals with projects related to taxation, health, digital access exchange, payment system globally, government, etc.

This book consists of details about blockchain technologies in different organizations. Today, there is a great impact of decentralized technology on the economy of many industries. These blockchain technologies bring up the revolution and develop a new ecosystem keeping all the previous centralized systems balanced.

The technology comes with three evolutions with various features and facilities.

  1. Blockchain 1.0: The blockchain features for immediate currency, transactions, and payments.

  2. Blockchain 2.0: In this evolution phase, the blockchain techniques applicable to contracts, property, and transaction verification.

  3. Blockchain 3.0: Here, the technology is applied to different sectors like government, healthcare, science, education, weather, traffic, military, agriculture, financial services, economic development, etc.

Many great things are mentioned in this book which highlights blockchain technologies and how it will affect the economy of the world. According to the book, blockchain technology is the future of the upcoming generations with a balanced combination of centralized and decentralized business networks. There are chances that this technology may tangle with the old and traditional system. But, the newly evolved environment can merge and sync both old and new systems efficiently.

This technology is boosting and directing the old technique by evolving them into a new system without destroying it. It will improve the economy of the world. Nowadays, blockchain is a trendy topic as it provides more transparency and security in organizations. Many industries have already adopted this technology across the globe.

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