Thursday, January 20, 2022


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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Reflects 50% Decline Over the Last 30 Days

Most of the cryptocurrencies are spotted trading with bearish influence from the last few days. The big guns of the market are also victimized due to the same. A few weeks back, the Bitcoin price was spotted around $10,000, and now it is at $7,300.

The price of Bitcoin Cash was around $493 on February 14, and the same spike hopes amongst the traders. However, the level was soon started plunging, and within the next 15 days, the price was at $325. The drop in the price of the BCH coin continued, and by the end of the first week of the ongoing month, the price was at $352. Later, the tremendous plunge embarked and brought the coin to a $260 level.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price NewsBCH coin price was at $476 on February 13, and by the next two days, the currency escalated to $490 by a 3.03% hike. However, in the next 2 days, i.e., by February 17, Bitcoin Cash was at $381. There was another improvement marked that took the price to $421 by 10.47% by February 19.

The subsequent days brought pullback pressure, and in the next 2 days, Bitcoin Cash price was at $360. By February 24, the price escalated to $407 by 12.94% but couldn’t hold itself for long. On February 27, the currency was at $320. The BCH coin locked itself around the same and closed the month at the same.

During the first day of March, the price hovered at the same level. By March 2, the price of Bitcoin Cash escalated to $338, and the following days brought a slight plunge in the price. After 2 days, the currency dropped to $313 and recovered in the later days.

BCH coin reflected a plunge that brought the price to $200. The current momentum of the currency is locked around the same. The coin has breached the immediate support level at $255 and the next support level at $244.

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