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Bitcoin Cash Registers More Than 15% Intraday Hike

The crypto market is reflecting the regressive price trend from the last few weeks. Most of the coins climb to an astounding level within a short period, and then the same is followed by a tremendous fall. The top guns of the market, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, are also under the same influence.

At the beginning of the month, the BCH coin was trading above $300 price mark with upward momentum, but after the first week, it started trading downwards. On March 13, the price of Bitcoin Cash was marked around $141, but then, it initiated price recovery, and yesterday the price was above $200.

Today, the coin has already touched $229 and broke yesterday’s intraday high record. The improvement is likely to be short-lived. The traders of the coin are recommended to hold their investment for a while and wait for a substantial improvement.

Bitcoin Cash Forecast

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price NewsBitcoin Cash price started dealing at $198 yesterday, and in the next 30 mins, the price moved to $207. Then, it plunged to $202, but further, it climbed to $212 by a 4.78% hike. BCH coin couldn’t hold itself at the same level, and at 09:30 UTC, the coin was correcting down to $199. After hovering at the same level for some time, the currency reflected a sharp upward move and touched $227 by 12.36% escalation.

The following hours brought a massive fall that brought the price to $210. Later, the coin picked up the pace and traded to $220. After this price point, Bitcoin Cash continued stable upward momentum, and at the closing hour, it reached $224. The intraday movement in the coin reflected 13.22% progression.

Today, the BCH coin started with a moderate movement. First, the coin traded to $227 from $224, but then, it faced a slight plunge, and the price touched $218. After hitting this low, the coin marked a sharp upside movement that took the price to $229. Bitcoin Cash has already breached the immediate resistance level at $225 and is heading towards the next resistance level at $232. The same is likely to get breached in the upcoming hours.

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