Thursday, June 13, 2024


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Bitcoin Cash Records 3.8% Hike Overnight Amidst Volatility

The crypto market is experiencing a bearish trend. Most of the coins in the market are suffering, including the top guns like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. The heavy pressure is likely to be the consequence of the recent upsurge and the following selling spree.

The current movement of the coin is also under pressure, thus regressive. The improvement in the price of the coin is likely to strike in the coming days. Today’s intraday movement might remain boring.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price NewsYesterday, Bitcoin Cash was at $373 during 00:00 UTC on yesterday’s opening hour. The price escalated to $376 in the next 3 hours. The coin kept the upsurge intact and by 04:08 UTC, the price counter was at $385 by 2.38%. The coin plunged slightly but again picked up. The price counters moved from $383 to $393 by 2.80%. The currency locked around the same level for a while. BCH price jumped to $400 by 10:30 UTC. In the next hour, the price slipped to $391. The coin again escalated to $398 by 1.89%. The price was spotted hovering at $396 till 21:29 UTC. Bitcoin Cash price escalated to $405 from $394 by 2.82% and closed the day.

Today, the currency began with a moderate escalation to $407. Later, the plunge in the price brought the BCH price to $386 by 5.02%. Later, it recovered to $394 at 02:47 UTC but again dropped to $383. Recently, the price of Bitcoin Cash escalated to $390, but then at the time of writing, the coin was trading at $387. It is quite near the immediate support level at $382. The same might be violated in the coming hours. The possibility of breaching the next support level at $363 by the end of the day is ripe.

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