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Will Bitcoin Cash Continue Its Upward Momentum in the Short-term?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has been bitten by the beer bug since the volatility set in the crypto market. Even then, the price has been trying to push itself in the upward direction. The past 3-month price chart shows BCH coin moves steadily away from bear pressure and climbing up the price radar with the price hovering between $193 – $487.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

BCH price has been on a roller coaster ride due to the continual volatility in the crypto market for the past 3 months. The price of Bitcoin Cash started below the baseline at $193.95 on November 25, 2019. From this price point, the currency marked a slow and steady upward movement and reached to $396.81 on January 18, 2020, the upsurge being at a gigantic 100.59%. After reaching this high, it fell to $310.92 on January 24, 2020, showing a fall at 21.65%.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price NewsBitcoin Cash price did not get bogged down by this momentary downturn, and then, it showed a good recovery at $487.28 on February 14, showing an upward swing to the extent of a 56.72%. Today, the coin has again come under bear pressure, with the price getting lowered to $371.32 by 23.80% fall. Analysts expect the coin to move steadily up the price ladder during the year. Investors should continue to keep holding on to their current investments as the coin has great future growth potential.

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