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Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH Bounces Back, Bullish Run To Continue For Few More Days

BCH price comparison over the past seven days will provide better insight on the present performance of the coin. BCH was valued at $322.06 on 20-Aug-19 at 00:00 UTC and the movement of the coin was bullish. However, prices of the coin witnessed a couple of sharp falls with prices falling to $296.33 on 21-Aug-19 and again at $291.97, the lowest of the said time frame, on the same day at 14:00 UTC.

Post 21-Aug-19, the coin seems to have made a comeback with prices slowly beginning to show an upward movement. Despite the falls, BCH has managed to reach $306.50 today, which indicates that the coin has managed to have its control back with the bulls. BCH can be traded in the range of $303.00 and $310.20 today.

Bitcoin Cash Price Forecast

Current Figures of BCH:

  • BCH has retained its ranking of number 4.

  • Market value of Bitcoin Cash was 5,492,644,894 at 06:34 UTC.

  • The price of Bitcoin Cash coin is $306.50 at 06:54 UTC.

  • 24-hour volume figures are $1,248,308,582.

  • 17,969,725 BCH coins are being circulated as on 27-Aug-19.

  • BCH offers a Return on Investment of -44.98%.

If we make a price comparison of the BCH coin since the time it saw an all-time low which was at $291.97 on 21-Aug-19 at 14:00 UTC and the present price, the coin indicates an upward movement by 5%.

We predict that BCH will continue with the same momentum, and prices will rise and can reach $310.81 by the end of the day tomorrow. In maybe traded close to $312 in the coming few weeks and by the end of this year BCH can reach as high as $367.6 with almost 20% growth.

We suggest selling the BCH coins in hand as per the present trend. You may also wait for a few days’ time post which you can go ahead and purchase the new coins. Trading from a long term vision may be profitable than trading on a short term basis. The CMF indicator also points that the BCH coin seems to be rising upwards.

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