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Compromise on the Horizon Between Rival BCH Camps—BCHN and ABC

Rival BCHN and ABC camps appear to be agreeing on a compromise regarding upgrades in Bitcoin Cash protocol, which will occur in November.

New plans were announced by Bitcoin Cash’s lead developer, Amaury Sechet, about the upcoming upgrades, which will help in reaching a compromise between BCHN and Bitcoin ABC proposals.

On August 6, Sachet posted that these upgrades will result in two important changes in the protocol; implementation of IFP (Infrastructure Funding Plan) as Coinbase Rule and implementation of difficulty adjustment called the Aserti3-2d, that Mark Lundeberg and Jonathan Toomin (lead maintainer for BCHN) have proposed.

The Compromise Plan

Aserti3-2d was proposed by Toomin, to be implemented as a replacement for Grasberg algorithm that Sechet advanced recently, but was considered somewhat controversial.

In the meantime, an IFP that BCHN supporters opposed will see eight percent of all BCH (newly mined) being designated to a certain treasury address with the aim of grant dispersal.

Sechet made the post after tension broiled regarding difficulty algorithm adjustments that were proposed for the protocol and many left the developer meeting. Such tensions resulted in rumors of another BCH chain split during the upcoming November upgrade.

Voluntary Contributions

Hayden Otto, the BCH proponent, mentioned that the new proposed plan for the upgrade would help in resolving the issue that caused contention between the two BCH camps.

Otto added that till November, the contributions supporting the development of Bitcoin Cash would continue to be voluntary, to maintain free-riding issue where only a handful of miners is funding everything.

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