Thursday, June 13, 2024


Explore the BCH News & Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Reflects Improvement Signs Overnight

The crypto market is spotted with a recovery spree. Most of the cryptocurrencies are finally coming out of the pressure dungeon and exhibiting profit. Bitcoin Cash was also under the same spell. The currency’s current momentum is likely to strengthen its pace.

The intraday traders can expect a profitable closing. The traders of the BCH coin can also go for long-term investment. The same would give a colossal return.

BCH Price Prediction

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price NewsYesterday, Bitcoin Cash began trading around $378, and then, it escalated to $387 within the first hour, but it couldn’t stay for long and dribbled to $378 at 02:20 UTC. After that, the coin reflected a price recovery and touched $387 but again dropped to $371 by a 3.80% fall. Later, Bitcoin Cash price touched $380 and then dropped to $366 at 12:55 UTC.

After this price fall, the currency registered a moderate hike, and the value touched $379. However, by 16:37 UTC, the Bitcoin Cash price was at $356. From this low, it marked a steep hike and the value escalated to $373 but again couldn’t hold the surge for long. The closing hours exhibited escalation to $376 and then ending the day at $371. The intraday movement reflected a loss of 1.85%.

Today, the BCH coin started the day with a price drop. The coin escalated to $382 from $367 by 4.05%. The currency dribbled to $371 gain by a 2.86% fall. Later, it improved to $380 but recently, it marked a slight fall and touched $377. The chances of slipping to the immediate support level at $360 are relatively more than escalating to immediate resistance level $385.

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