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Bitcoin Cash Price Comparison: Will BCH maintain its performance standards, or will it start receding over the next few days?

On 27-July-19, Bitcoin Cash was valued at $325.88 at 00:25 UTC. There was a sharp fall observed and the coin was moving at the same pace below it fell again to as low as $291.38 on the next day. The currency managed to bounce back and started slowly rising upwards with prices touching $328.57 today.

However, looking at the trend of past 5 days, we anticipate that BCH may not be able to maintain its efficiency and might correct downwards soon.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis

Current Figures of Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

  • BCH ranked at number 4 as per coin market cap.

  • Market value of Bitcoin Cash was 5,811,837,568 at 07:34 UTC.

  • BCH price is at present $328.57 at 07:35 UTC time.

  • 24-hour volume figures are $1,592,532,307

  • 17,921,300 BCH coins are being traded.

  • ROI of BCH stands at -41.58%.

BCH/USD Forecast

BCH had reached as low as $291.38 on 28-July-19 at 22:25 UTC time. If we compare the price since this date, at present, it indicates a hike by 12%.

However, having said that we strongly believe that the Bitcoin Cash may not be able to maintain its present performance and fall marginally soon. It may be traded in the range of $313 and $325 over the coming few weeks. By the end of this year, BCH price can reach as high as $389 with more than 18% growth.

The coin has marked 12% hike over the past 2 days. However, considering the volatility of the market, it looks like the price will fall soon and the bears may dominate the BCH coin for another few weeks.

The MACD indicator points that the present movement is a bearish one. As per the RSI indicator, the number of coins being traded at present seem to be on the neutral side.

The upcoming few weeks and months might not be the best time for the coin however BCH has huge potential and it will eventually make a turn-around and continue to be among the top 5 contenders in the crypto world.

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