Tuesday, May 28, 2024


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Bitcoin Cash in better control now, will rise to $308 by tomorrow

Let us observe the performance of Bitcoin Cash over the past 5 days. The coin reached as low as $280.6 on 18-July-19 at 14:05 UTC. Post the said date, the movement of the BCH coin has been a slow and a steady one with prices rising upwards. It managed to reach $340.8 on 20-July-19 at 16:55 UTC.

Bitcoin Cash could not survive the bullish run, and prices began to fall at the same pace. However, we believe that BCH will manage to rise upwards by tomorrow as it is slowly beginning to gain back its momentum.

BCH/USD Price Forecast

If we compare the Bitcoin Cash prices since its lowest value of $280.6 and the current price, the coin reflects a bullish trend by 8%. After a day’s time, the BCH price may reach around $308.09. By the next month, the BCH coin price may touch $320, and after about 6 months it can touch up to $500.

The pattern of Bitcoin Cash has been stable in this week barring the sharp rise and the steep fall. Advisable to sell the existing BCH coins as per the trend observed. You may also trade on short term basis on the coin as the movement of the coin was quite stable in this week without any drastic change as such. The Chaikin Money flow indicator points out that the coin is slowly trying to rise upwards.

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