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Bitcoin Cash Price Comparison: Price of BCH rising upwards, is the best yet to come for the coin?

The time frame of our price analysis is YTD prices of BCH for better insight. In the beginning of this year, BCH was reflecting a bearish trend with prices being at level $167.7 on 2-Jan-19. From January till about the end of March,19 the coin was moving at almost the same pace. There was no major rise or fall in the price of BCH. 2-Apr-19 proved to a turning point for the coin as there was a sharp rise on this date.

Post this date, prices continued to rise for the coin and it reached as high as $482.6 on 26-June-19. It could not maintain its performance levels and slowly began to recede. However, as on date the coin seems to have gathered up its pace and picked up its performance and seems to be rising upwards.

Let us look at the performance of the Bitcoin Cash:

Current Statistics of BCH:

  • BCH maintains the rank of number 5.

  • Market value of Bitcoin Cash was 5,487,509,167 at 10:00 UTC.

  • Price of BCH is $305.9 at 10:16 UTC time.

  • 24-hour volume figures are $1,355,486,612

  • 17,917,888 BCH coins are being traded.

  • ROI of BCH stands at -44.92%.

BCH Price Analysis and Future Prediction:

If we compare the price of the coin since the beginning of the year when it was $167.7 and the current price, it is reflecting an upward trend by more than 82% which is phenomenal.

If BCH continues with the same trend, it can reach $309 by tomorrow. After about a week or so, it may continue to be traded at around $309 or $310. BCH can reach as high as $379 by the end of this year and by the next year it has all the potential to touch $468 with more than 53% growth.

We suggest to sell the existing BCH coins today as per the present trend. BCH has shown tremendous growth over the past few months and it is expected that the coin will continue to rise further in the coming time. The Chaikin Money Flow indicator also points that the coin is reflecting an upward trend. By the year 2024, BCH will go to even greater heights and can reach $3215 with massive growth of more than 953%. In short, it is recommended to trade in the coins from a long term perspective as BCH is here to stay!

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